PDF accessibility

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 don't just apply to web pages: anything your customers download also needs to be accessible. With our PDF accessibility auditing and remediation services, we can ensure your PDFs can be read and navigated as easily as any well-structured web page.

We can fix anything from individual documents to entire PDF back catalogues, including annual reports, brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, books, exam papers and other PDF forms.

Editing InDesign files for accessibility

When working on larger and more complex documents we can work directly from your InDesign file to optimise it for accessibility so that it will in turn export an accessible PDF. We can also resupply you with the optimised InDesign file so that, should you need to update the content, most of the required accessibility work will be done already and will not have to be repeated.

Editing PDFs for accessibility

Fixing PDFs to make them fully accessible can be relatively straightforward. However, in the case of more complex documents, quite a high level of expertise may be required. Organisations may not create PDFs often enough to maintain sufficient expertise in-house to handle such complex documents. In such cases we can deliver accessible PDFs, tested against WCAG 2.0 and across a range of assistive technologies (as appropriate), including JAWS, NVDA, ZoomText, MAGic, Dragon, Read&Write Gold and Claro Read.

PDF audits

Gauging how accessible your PDFs are is not always straightforward. It’s certainly not just a case of running a PDF though an automated “accessibility checker”. (See our blog post Over-reliance of automated PDF accessibility checkers for more on this.)

How we can help

If you are unsure whether the PDFs on your site are suitable for people with disabilities or not, we can perform an audit of your document(s) and offer detailed advice on any required corrections.

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