Web accessibility

Web accessibility initiatives like WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 have traditionally been focused on desktop websites. However, design agencies and web developers have often struggled to keep pace with the rapid changes in access technology. We constantly seek out best practice to guide you and find solutions to keep your designers and developers creative to create a site that is both accessible and usable, Digital Inclusion at its best.

Desktop audits

Your website needs to be fully accessible to your customers. It’s not only a legal requirement (under the Equality Act 2010 in the UK, or DDA in Northern Ireland), it also makes good business sense. Having an accessible website not only increases your reach, it also has other beneficial effects.

How will this help?

We like to help our clients gain and improve the accessibility of their sites and applications. Our desktop audit doesn’t just give you a list of failures. It also provides advice on best practice and sample code where appropriate.

Through our audit process we’ll show you how the issues impact on users and help you to prioritise fixes. We’ll also have our consultants on hand to help you create the best solutions and support your developers. When you are ready, we will complete a recheck so you can be sure that the changes that you’ve made work for people with disabilities.

We take a pragmatic approach, ensuring that whilst the user is never forgotten, accessibility doesn’t hinder your web design team’s creativity.

What do you get?

  • Manual testing on 15 pages to WCAG or Section 508
  • Comprehensive report with management executive summary, technical executive summary and screen shots
  • Excel spreadsheet detailing all results from each sample page
  • Follow-up consultancy
  • Recheck of failure points

Development consultancy

Keeping up with regulatory changes, accessibility best practice and new web coding methods is a full time job. We do that for you, enabling you to create websites that are compliant with the different regulations and guidelines.

How will this help?

Creating a website for your business is an investment, requiring continuous management. And building in accessibility to your new site or application from the outset is almost always the most efficient and cost-effective way to work.

We can work with you in all stages of website development, from reviewing designs and wireframes through to coding and testing specific functionality. We can support you and your developers to do this in an accessible way, saving you further costly development time or potential customer complaints.

What do you get?

Our consultants can either work remotely, sending you mini reports on issues found or, where appropriate, discussing on the phone or via video calling. Alternatively, if remote sharing isn’t an option, we can visit you and review the project on-site in its various stages. Our focus is always on offering solutions, not on what’s wrong. 

Impossible to overstate the importance of digital inclusion and accessibility. Thank you to Grant from Dig for great training today!

Millicent Scott, European Parliament

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