Grant Broome


Grant is a web accessibility specialist with over a decade of experience consulting with agencies on how to make their online content accessible to people with disabilities. He has audited hundreds of websites and provides a variety of training courses.

Key areas of interest

  • Web accessibility auditing to to WCAG and Section 508 (US) conformance
  • Web accessibility training
  • Consultancy and project management
  • Organisational and product policy development
Grant has specialised for over a decade in research, testing and policy designed to help organisations make sure that their digital web content is accessible. He provides a variety of web accessibility training courses designed to meet the needs of a wide range of organisations in UK and US. He has audited hundreds of websites and understands the challenges faced by organisations who want to provide highly engaging and inclusive interfaces. Grant has worked with numerous disability charities and has a deep understanding of the needs of disabled web users.

Speaking engagements

Grant has spoken at events for the British Computer Society, Headstar and at the Bett Show. Take a look at Grant's speaker biography and get in touch if you want him to speak at your event.

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