Ksenia Blake

Web accessibility consultant

Ksenia has been helping and supporting organisations make their content more accessible since 2011 including supporting Yahoo, Google ad RNIB.
As an everyday user of both JAWS and NVDA, Ksenia can offer a unique perspective as a user as well as having an excellent understanding of accessibility guidelines.

Key areas of interest:

  • WCAG auditing and testing
  • Supporting learning for those with learning difficulties and sight loss
  • Content and resource creation
Ksenia is one of Dig Inclusion’s web accessibility consultants. Having worked in the digital sector since 2011 she has helped multiple organisations with their internal accessibility and will now be applying her knowledge to help and support our own customers in their journey to improving inclusion and accessibility. She is passionate about combining her analytical and practical thinking to supporting customers overcome their challenges and focus on user centred solutions.

How to make documents accessible using Microsoft Word

Many people, including people using assistive technologies, use Microsoft office for personal, business and academic purposes. For this reason, it is very important to include basic design principles to make sure that everyone has eq…

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