Laura Clark

Director of Operations

Laura manages Dig Inclusion’s client and partner relationships. She has five years’ experience working with organisations to ensure their digital content is inclusive, identifying cost effective ways for businesses to improve their customer experience and put digital strategies in place to ensure accessibility, usability and inclusion across multiple platforms.

100 Years on, how attitudes towards disability have changed

11 November 2018 doesn’t just mark 100 years since Armistice, but also 100 years since the start of changing attitudes towards people with disabilities.
I think most people would agree, that in war there are no winners, but there ar…

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Christmas ad accessibility - It isn't too late

Christmas advert campaigns have changed and adapted as the way people consume media has changed. Adverts are no longer r…

15 tips to making the internet accessible

In 2015 we had the great pleasure of working with Citizens Online, TinMouse animations and DAC on a video for Global Acc…

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