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Liesl is due to start studying creative writing at University of East Anglia in the autumn. Liesl is passionate about writing and communication and also has a keen interest in web / digital accessibility as her personal experience has shown her how many experiences fall short.

Liesl is a student who has Cerebral Palsy and is very passionate about challenging stereotypes surrounding disability. Due to this goal, she spends a lot of free time taking part in activities that may seem impossible to abled-bodied people. For example, she ski’s, boxes, dances and has even done a bit of rock-climbing. Therefore one of her favourite quotes is from Lewis Carroll in his novel, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and says “It is not impossible, it is simply unpossible!” which is her response when someone says that she can’t do something. During her high school career she undertook Cerebral Palsy awareness talks across the entire school. Liesl has also worked as a freelance journalist for the Eastern and Daily Press and has a column in which she talks about her personal experience living as a motivated teenager with a disability. Dig Inclusion is very important to her as this is how, she feels, she can help the disabled community.

Multiple Navigation Panels and Their Labelling at Apple inc.

The Importance of Navigation System
They are a crucial part of any website. Steve Krug, in his book: “Don’t Make Me Think” says that a good navigation system should answer the following questions:

Where am I?
How did I get h…

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