Taavi Karvanen

Developer - Student placement

Taavi is a third year student at Aberystwyth university studying Computer Graphics, Vision and Games and joining us at Dig Inclusion for a 1 year work placement.

Key areas of interest:
  • Logical thinking (finding unique and novel solutions for interesting problems)
  • Code solutions
  • Breaking down social barriers between able bodied and disabled youth
Taavi's enthusiasm and pleasure to help everyone is infectious and he has such a fantastic work ethic and desire to learn more. He is working primarily on Hugr development, supporting the agile project and working on all aspects from web page creation, ticketing system and search functionality as well as supporting testing.

Hugr BETA launches!

Oh my word!

Firstly, I am very excited to announce that we have, after 4 years of hard work, got to the stage we can launch our BETA version of Hugr.

There are so many people who have been part of the journey we want to thank.

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