We are really proud of the work we do and love to get feedback from customers so we can continually improve. Please have a read to see what our customers say about us.

The best training that I have been on. The ability to make it immediately relevant to what we are currently working on was invaluable.

Peter Campion, Business Analyst in Test, Simplyhealth

Jon, thanks for a brilliant two days. Not only was the content exactly what I was hoping to get, your delivery style and patience with us all was absolutely fantastic!

Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer and Training Lead

The feedback from the workshop was extremely positive. All of the coaches felt that they had a much clearer understanding of access to computers. The level of engagement was high and this was a vital step for us towards gaining a better understanding of how we can help remove barriers for disabled people in the digital workspace. I am very grateful for Dig Inclusion’s involvement and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

Fran Knight, Employer Advisor, Department for Work and Pensions

We loved the Global Accessibility Awareness Day video and promptly contacted Dig Inclusion to see how they could help us. They've been great to work with and we're making a range of improvements to our digital offerings to fans and clubs as a result.

Cathy Long, Head of Supporter Services, Premier League

Jon is a fabulous font of accessibility knowledge and always pushing the envelope for more.

Mike Davies, Senior Web Developer, LOVEFiLM via Twitter

Fascinating talk about experiencing digital accessibility. Bad accessibility = bad UX.

Natalie Sanchez, UX Designer, Cancer Research UK via Twitter

The support and expertise that we received was outstanding. We'd worked with other agencies but knew that we wanted to work with Grant, who not only helped us to understand where we were but also worked with us to create a roadmap to providing an inclusive experience for more of our customers. A comprehensive approach to accessibility is critical and that is what Dig Inclusion consistently delivers.

David Wilton, Head of Digital, Direct Protection Marketing, Legal & General

Really enjoyable. Changed the way I think about accessibility. Feels like an 'accessibility first' approach.

Aaron Marr, Web Developer, University College Falmouth via Twitter

Top mobile accessibility training session in Leeds today with Jon. Loads to consider and quite a few lightbulb moments.

Barry Briggs, Senior User Experience, Amaze via Twitter

Jon provided valuable expertise to the UKOS site development, maintaining UKOS's commitment to accessibility.

Ivor Conway, Project Manager, UKOS Plc website redevelopment