Amazon Dash Button – promoting laziness or independent living?

Amazon have just launched its Dash Button in the UK. It’s a stick-on button you can pop anywhere in your home, connect to your WiFi and Amazon account and it automatically orders a predefined product when you press it.

Perfect if you’re throwing a load of washing in and notice the washing powder is getting low, the Dash Button is a tool that some – like myself, a forgetful person – will feel a godsend. Others will see as purely a lazy person’s way of shopping, or technology for the sake of technology – imagine having a button for each product you buy!Red bull dash button

Supporting independent living

Much technology has hidden benefits that we don’t think of until someone else says why they use it, and I believe this is will be one of those technologies. As soon as I saw the Dash Button, its potential shouted out to me. For anyone needing help and support with independent living, this could be hugely beneficial.

The button itself only orders one product at a time rather than ordering multiple items, so you could press it 20 times and not worry about a truck loads of washing powder arriving at your front door the next day. This is ideal for people with certain cognitive behaviours or hand tremors. The button resets after 24 hours and allows you to order again, by which time your order should have arrived.

Pressing a button is also easier for people with mobility issues or restricted movement. Anyone relying on friends, relatives or carers to go shopping can now get household items literally at the press of a button.

amazon dash button on washing machine

The future

It would be fantastic to see this product developed into a pictorial shopping list and customisable against as your everyday shop like milk and bread. Can Amazon revolutionize the shopping experience for people with disabilities?