Christmas ad accessibility: Aldi

It is the 14th December already and today we are looking at Aldi’s Christmas advert featuring Kevin & Katie. This year there have been a grand total of 10 adverts with the conclusion to the love story on the 8th December. Here are just a couple of them:


There are many differing issues across the Aldi UK adverts. The very first video shows how important language selection is. Aldi is a German company – with stores within the UK, however the YouTube account AldiUK has Spanish auto captions. Our Spanish is a bit rusty but the captions appear to be nonsensical. In total 3 of the 10 adverts have Spanish captions, 5 have English and 2 have none. You can go into the settings of the video and request auto translate into English to get around this issue, however the translation is so poor that all meaning is lost – we haven’t quite worked out who Steve is.

Aldi advert, Spanish captions auto translated to English make no sense "Mais again but no place to express or be taken now left without Steve"

Audio description

Could Aldi have made use of audio description for their blind customers? Yes. Did they? No.

This is not a complaint just to Aldi, but to everyone we have reviewed so far, there is a theme. There is no audio description, hasn’t been for the last 13 adverts and I’m pretty confident there wont be for the next 10.


Aldi have used the YouTube video description to introduce Kevin the carrot and him finding love but doesn’t tell the story of the advert and the search for Santa to really count as a transcript. The auto transcript feature in YouTube is created from the auto captions, for those in Spanish the transcript is also in Spanish and cannot be changed like the auto captions can.

Accessible video player

The very latest advert is shown on the Aldi website and the video player can be accessed, played and paused using just the keyboard. There are no captions though or transcript as an alternative on the website.

The verdict

Consistency on a website is as important as accessibility, the inconsistency of language settings is confusing.

Please do check out and share our series of Christmas advert accessibility reviews so we can help to ensure more people enjoy these mini blockbusters in future years. And check back tomorrow for another review!