Christmas ad accessibility: Alzheimer’s Society

It’s December 24th. If you have finished preparing for Christmas, get comfy and settle down for the final instalment of our Christmas advert accessibility review.

If you have missed any, don’t worry – all are linked from our introductory post, Christmas Advert advent accessibility review.

Today’s advert is from Alzheimer’s Society – “Grandad and Me; our Christmas with Alzheimer’s”…


Alzheimer’s Society have opted for open captions on their advert which features illustrated images of a boy  talking about Christmas with his Grandpa. Open captions are great, but the video also has auto captions in dutch if you have captions turned on in YouTube, which most people who need them will have done.

Screenshot_Alzheimers society showing open captions and auto Dutch captions

Screenshot_Alzheimers society showing open captions and auto Dutch captions

Audio description

Whilst the ad contains a series of images, none of these really add to the understanding of the advert, which is essentially a small boy talking about his experience. This does however fall down slightly at the very end of the advert where the pledge for donating £3 to Alzheimers society is made but not verbalised, anyone who cannot see this is unable to know about Alzheimers societys request for a donation.

Alzheimer’s Society video showing a pledge for £3 that is not verbalised


The transcript created by YouTube is in Dutch due to the language settings of the video – this isn’t ideal and could easily be amended if Alzheimers society have the open captions to insert instead. The actual YouTube description of the video does include the pledge for £3 towards families like Joshua’s which helps address the missing element that could have been addressed through Audio Description, although if someone just wanted to read the video transcript they would be missing much of the context.

Accessible video player

We couldn’t find the advert on the Alzheimers society website so can’t review the video player.

The verdict

With just a couple of minor changes this advert could be fantastically inclusive and was chosen as our final advert review as it is the most accessible of all the charity adverts we looked at.