Christmas ad accessibility: Amazon

Day 13 of our Christmas advert countdown, today we’re looking at Amazon – Give a little love.


There are captions on this video, The Amazon singing parcels are fully captioned allowing a deaf person to see the song lyrics alongside the advert as it plays which is a really lovely touch.

Audio description

I would encourage you to find someone who has not yet seen the Amazon advert, get them to close their eyes and listen to the advert. What can they tell you about the ad?

  • The story? No
  • The retailer? No

The RNIB say that over 2 million people in the UK suffer sight loss, that’s 1 in 30. Amazon have produced an advert that is excluding 1 in 30 people from realising who is advertising let alone what they are advertising.


Amazon could use the YouTube video description to add a transcript of the advert giving their blind and visually impaired viewers and overview of what is happening as an alternative to the more costly option of Audio Description but instead they have used this video description to introduce the advert and title ‘See what happens when hundreds of Amazon boxes go on a magical journey, to send a smile this Christmas all whilst singing Roger Hodgson’s anthem “Give a Little Bit.”’ which, of course, if you can’t see not only isn’t possible.

The captions used from the song do automatically create a transcript in YouTube, however.

Accessible video player

We can’t find the advert on the Amazon website so can’t review this to see if the player is accessible.

The verdict

So far we haven’t had top marks for any of our reviews, and today is no different. It doesn’t matter how great your advert is visually if there is no way for a blind user to know who or what is being advertised. Sorry Amazon, there’s not much to give over this advert.

Please do check out and share our series of Christmas advert accessibility reviews so we can help to ensure more people enjoy these mini blockbusters in future years. And check back tomorrow for another review!