Christmas ad accessibility: Asda

It’s Friday, 8th December, and the Christmas spirit is creeping in! Today, we’re looking at Asda’s advert The Imaginarium in our Christmas advert accessibility review.


There are no words… No really! Like many of its rival brands, Asda’s Christmas advert has a purely visual narrative; a story with not a single spoken word. Watching the video on YouTube, no captions are provided to let deaf viewers know that there is a song playing in the background and no speech.

Audio description

An audio described version of this visual advert would be essential for a blind viewer to access, which Asda have not created, unfortunately.

Screenshot of Asda's advert

A girl runs into a factory that has a giant mixing bowl inside


Sadly, the YouTube video description doesn’t offer a transcript, and with no transcript elsewhere and no audio description, a blind person would have no alternative way to understand what is happening. It is disappointing that Asda have not considered either option for their advert.

Accessible video player

There is a link on the Asda website to their YouTube channel hosting the Christmas advert. This link opens in a new window, but can be navigated to and opened using just a keyboard.

The verdict

It’s hard to be positive about an advert that discards the needs of those with sight and hearing loss, but it has only been in recent years that television adverts and online content have become so intertwined. Whilst web accessibility is a hot topic amongst IT teams, we need to get the same level of understanding to marketing teams.

Please do share our Christmas advert accessibility reviews so we can ensure more people enjoy these mini blockbusters in future years. And check back tomorrow for another review.