Christmas ad accessibility: Boots

Day 19 of our advent calendar countdown and today we are looking at Boots ‘ShowThemYouKnowThem’ but do Boots know their customers and what they need?

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Despite a conversation between sisters in the advert there are no captions or auto captions for the Boots Christmas advert, sadly this stops those who are deaf from knowing what is being said to fully understand the story contained.

Audio description

This advert doesn’t contain audio description which is a real shame as the ad contains many happy memories of two sisters growing up, the good, the bad and all the things that bring families together. None of which is portrayed verbally through speech or narration of this advert. It also misses out the #ShowThemYouKnowThem which does mean anyone who is blind who may want to interact with Boots via social media on the advert would be missing the key hashtag.


There isn’t a transcript for the video through the captions and there is a brief overview of the sentiment of the advert within YouTubes video description but not detailed to be considered a transcript. One detail that Boots included, and I haven’t seen on any other advert is the name and artist of the song playing along with a link which I felt was a nice additional detail. The website does have a small description of the video also, very similar wording to the YouTube video but without the link to the song and artist playing.

Accessible video player

The video is on the Boots website and the player is fully keyboard accessible with the option to watch this in YouTube in a separate window which is great to see.

The verdict

Captions and a lack of transcript is a big issue for Boots and really affects the accessibility of this advert. It is great to have an accessible video player on the website but without the captions and transcripts this means the video can be enjoyed by those with mobility issues that prevent them using a mouse, but doesn’t open the video up to those who are deaf or blind.