Christmas ad accessibility: Coca-Cola

It is the twelfth of December and we’re halfway through our advent countdown – I have already nibbled my way through far too many Christmas treats and replaced the chocolates on the tree. Make yourself a drink and get comfy as we review Coco-Colas advert ‘Holidays are coming’


There are no spoken words for the Coca-Cola advert and no captions or auto captions. It would be great to have had a caption introducing the iconic ‘Holidays are coming’ song.

Audio description

When considering if a video needs audio description we need to think about what information is displayed visually, and what would be missed if you cannot see this. The advert itself shows a boy running excitedly as the Coca-Cola truck is seen driving along, but the key information is the name of the product itself, Coca-Cola which is displayed, but not announced at the very end.

Screenshot coca cola advert the logo is displayed but not announced verbally for blind users


With no captions there is no auto transcript created within YouTube, Cola-Cola could have used the YouTube video description to describe the video as an alternative and this sadly hasn’t been done either.

Accessible video player

Coca-Cola have chosen to display the ‘Holidays are coming’ advert on their website, and whilst I can tab to the player using just keyboard navigation when I press play it opens a new window and plays in YouTube, if however I press the play button using my mouse, the video plays within the webpage.

The verdict

The Coca-Cola advert relies heavily on brand recognition, they have used the same advert for a couple of years but that shouldn’t detract from their commitment to accessibility, and with no captions, transcript or audio description they are potentially alienating many groups of customers.

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