Christmas ad accessibility: LEGO

On the sixth day of our Christmas advert accessibility review, we bring to you LEGO’s “Giving The Gift Of Imagination”.


LEGO have enabled automatically generated captions on their YouTube video. Unfortunately, the auto-caption software does not pick up what the children in their adverts are saying very well. The first 10 seconds of advert captures none of the spoken words as captions. There are various elements that feel missed as a result. Had LEGO created their own captions rather than using auto-captions, they could have shown the noises the children were making for their creations – the rattle of the box, for example – and get a better feel for the advert and their message.

Screenshot of LEGO advert

The girl is shaking a present and speaking, but auto-captions aren’t picking it up

Audio description

This advert is a great example of how audio description could be added to improve accessibility. The very start could be enhanced for blind customers by saying, “Children are shaking a wrapped Christmas present”. From there, blind viewers could understand that the children are using their imagination to guess the contents.


Sadly, the video description on the YouTube video doesn’t contain a transcript or add meaning to the video, and the website doesn’t contain the video to review.

A proper transcript of the advert does not appear to have been provided. However, another of YouTube’s lesser known features does provide a transcript that is automatically generated from the captions mentioned earlier.

To see these in action, click “More actions” (it looks like three dots) below the video and then select “Open transcript”.

YouTube screenshot

Advert with YouTube’s transcript feature

Accessible video player

We couldn’t find the LEGO Christmas advert featured on the LEGO website, but the other videos they do feature on the site that could not be accessed using a keyboard.

The verdict

There is no evidence of thought made to accessibility to this advert with auto-captions that have not been reviewed by LEGO for accuracy, and a lack of transcript or audio description leaving the audience to use their imagination to work out what may be going on.

Please do share our Christmas advert accessibility reviews so we can ensure more people enjoy these mini blockbusters in future years. And check back tomorrow for another review.