Christmas ad accessibility: Not On The High Street

Today is the 15th December and our 15th review, it’s also National Christmas Jumper day for Save The Children, we hope by the end of the review you’ll be feeling festive and charitable so please do head over to Save the Children and make a donation of whatever you can.

Hold onto your Santa hats, today is day 15 and we’re quite excited! Over to Not On The High Street…


Not On The High Street does have auto captions and there’s just two errors that we can spot, the Americanism of the spelling Mom, which had previously been spelt Mum twice within the advert and plus the use of ‘it’s’ instead of ‘and’ with just a small amount of editing the captions would be perfect.

Screenshot of Not on the high street advert showing the captions reading 'Mom' instead of Mum

Screenshot of Not on the high street advert showing the captions reading ‘Mom’ instead of Mum

Audio Description

Granted, there isn’t an audio described version of the Not on the high street advert, but actually, an audio described track isn’t needed. There isn’t anything that is visually conveyed that isn’t spoken by the narration and so a blind viewer is not missing out on any element of this advert. The narration itself is full of rich descriptive language making you feel as though you know exactly what is going on and is a great example of how powerful language can be when considering accessibility.


Not on the high street hasn’t provided a transcript as part of the video description but the auto captions do produce them in YouTube.

Accessible video player

We can’t find the Christmas advert on the website so can’t comment on the accessibility of the video player.

The verdict

We were delighted to find an advert that had been created in such a way that audio description wouldn’t be needed. There were just a couple of minor errors in the auto captions that could easily be edited to correct but this is certainly one of the most inclusive adverts we’ve seen to date.