Christmas ad accessibility: TK Maxx

Day 20 and we are all checking the forecast to see if we are likely to get snow at Christmas, which leads us onto TK Maxx and their ‘White Christmas’ advert. OK tedious link, we’ll stop with the poor jokes and focus on the accessibility review.

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The TK Maxx has auto captions, if you’ve been reading our reviews each day you’ll know that there are often typos within the auto captions and TK Maxx are no exception. It isn’t Lucky Gramps who brought the little girl her present, but “Lucky worms even found this smugglers” instead of “Lucky, Gramps even found this snowglobe”…poor Grandad will be disappointed not to get the credit.

Screenshot TK Maxx advert auto captions read "Lucky words even found this smugglers"

Screenshot TK Maxx advert auto captions read “Lucky words even found this smugglers”

Audio description

Just listening to the advert it is hard to understand that TK Maxx are advertising a competition to win snow, or how that snow would be delivered if you do win so this advert really could be improved if an audio description version was available.


The auto captions aren’t particularly accurate which means the auto transcript can’t be relied on either. TK Maxx haven’t made great use of the video description in terms of describing the video content. It focuses on the prize without detailing how you would win which would be confusing for someone relying on the transcript for understanding the video content.

Accessible video player

The video advert is shown on the TK Maxx website and is fully keyboard accessible.

The verdict

This is a classic example of a TV advert being used for web marketing but without the web accessibility considerations being taken into account. We really need to improve the quality of videos on the internet because it doesn’t matter how good the advert is, if it isn’t accessible on the multiple platforms it is displayed people wont get the message.