Christmas ad accessibility: Toys ‘R’ Us

The 7th day of our Christmas advert accessibility reviews is for Toys ‘R’ Us, whose story this year is about Geoffrey the part time reindeer.


Toys ‘R’ Us have followed a similar theme to a purely visual story with the Toys ‘R’ Us jingle playing in the background. Auto-captions are not enabled on the YouTube video. This may be because there is no speech within the advert, but sadly a deaf person wouldn’t know this. Had they added captions, the producers could easily convey the jingle of bells, Santa’s surprised sound when he sees his reindeer playing; even the ‘ting’ sound as Santa has an idea.

Screenshot: Toys ‘R’ Us advert

Ting! Santa has an idea

Audio description

Like each of the adverts featured so far, there is not an audio described version of the Toys ‘R’ Us advert. Audio description is the preferred format for explaining visual content on video to someone with sight loss, but it is an added expense that few organisations include when producing videos.


Toys ‘R’ Us have made excellent use of the video description on the YouTube video for the advert. Whilst this doesn’t replace the added value that audio description would provide for a blind viewer, it does mean that a blind person is able to read the story contained within the advert.

Accessible video player

We didn’t find any videos on the Toys ‘R’ Us website to review a video player.

The verdict

With just a few changes, we believe the Toys ‘R’ Us advert could be made more accessible and inclusive. A few well-timed captions could make this great for those with hearing loss, and the transcript in the YouTube description already helps those with sight loss enjoy this advert.

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