Christmas ad accessibility:

Welcome to day 5 of our Advert Advent, an accessibility review of 2017’s Christmas adverts. Today’s Christmas ad review is of the advert, “Get More Out Of Giving”.


This advert is another of this year’s adverts that has a purely visual story and music playing, but automatic captions and transcript are turned off on the YouTube video. As captions aren’t just used to convey the spoken word, it would have been great to see captions used to convey the increasing feeling of danger represented with the music. advert screenshot

The wolf and girl are in danger on broken ice

Audio description

An audio described version of the video could not be found. There is a transcript on YouTube, but not on the video as it is shown on An audio description is preferable to blind users than transcripts.

Transcript have made great use of the video description on YouTube, which essentially acts as a transcript for the video. Just reading that alone lets you know what is happening within the video.

Accessible video player

The video appears in multiple points on, and ignoring the clumsy navigation, the video player is accessible with a keyboard. As mentioned though, there is no transcript or captions available.

The verdict

The downside to a visual advert is that it does exclude blind users. With no audio description of the video explaining what is going on and a transcript only available on YouTube, it reduces the chances of those with sight loss enjoying this story.

Check back in with us tomorrow when we’ll take a look at the LEGO advert, Giving The Gift of Imagination. To find out more about video accessibility and the other Christmas adverts that have already been reviewed, head over to our Advent countdown page.