Christmas ad accessibility: Waitrose

It’s the 21st December, our 21st review and the last of the supermarkets. Today we are looking at Waitrose #ChristmasTogether.

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The majority of the advert is visual, however there is some speech towards the end for ‘we’re snowed in’ and ‘we’ve dug you out’ this is quite clear from the visual aspect of the advert but it really should have captions for clarity for deaf viewers.

Audio Description

Sadly there is no audio description for the Waitrose advert and this would have been fantastic, there are so many visual elements to the advert and sounds which are subtle, the roaring of the fire, the tinkling of the dominos – even the wind howling through the tree all of these elements are lost without the visual to put it into context, which audio description could have provided.


There are three places a transcript could be for a video, an auto transcript created from the captions which isn’t possible for this video as there are no captions.

The video description in YouTube is also a place some people use for a full description of the video that could be used in place of a transcript which sadly hasn’t been done either.

The Waitrose website would be the final place we would look for a video transcript which is also missing.

Accessible video player

The advert is displayed on the Waitrose website the good news is this shown on a keyboard accessible video player.

The verdict

The advert has had little attention paid to the accessibility, so when this is transferred across to the internet, both social media and the Waitrose website it doesn’t meet the accessibility standards within WCAG 2.0 and excludes multiple people with a range of disabilities being able to understand and enjoy the advert.

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