Dating profile

Accessibility consultants seek new and exciting customers

The Dig team

About us:

While our customer dating profile is supposed to be about us, our focus will always be on you. At Dig Inclusion we keep our team small and your friendly point of contact the same so we can consistently satisfy your needs. We want to know your company and way of working inside and out, we want to know your likes, dislikes and focus on keeping you happy.  Like many we enjoy walks in the parks, evenings out, can offer audits and training. We also enjoy:

  • Creating internal accessibility guidelines
  • Developing a culture of accessibility and helping bed this in
  • Lunchtime talks to your friends (colleagues) on the work and improvements you are making

We love finding new and unique problems then showing you how to fix them. That way we can keep developers, designers and business managers satisfied.

Why? Because it means we are making a product that works for everyone, accessibility guidelines can be hard work, theres so many shades of grey, 50 just isn’t enough. We don’t want you tied down to traditional thinking, whoever said accessibility kills design was wrong!

Ideal first date:

We like to start casual. We should definitely have a call where we can both talk about ourselves. We’ll help talk you through different solutions to get you to your end goal, then if you like the sound of us we should definitely meet up and test the waters for compatibility. It’s our aim by the third date you’ll be screaming our name from the roof tops and embracing accessibility, we won’t stop until your satisfied, wanting more and gossiping with your friends about how good we are.

Want to know more?

Your obviously here because you are looking for that someone special, we want to be that someone special. Give us a call, drop us an email and perhaps by February 2019 we’ll be more than just acquaintances on the internet.