Dig Inclusion and Tenon Announce Partnership

Dig Inclusion Ltd and Tenon LLC are proud to announce a sales and marketing partnership to deliver unparalleled automated accessibility testing solutions to the United Kingdom and Ireland, and help businesses and public bodies adhere with relevant standards, guidelines and laws through conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

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What is Tenon?

Tenon is a software tool that assists in the design, development and maintenance of accessible web applications, ensuring that best practices are met by providing detailed reporting and clear guidance for repairing accessibility issues. It is a leader among automated accessibility testing tools, uncovering more accessibility issues than any other tool of its kind.

Independent review of the top automated accessibility testing tools

Why use Tenon?

Not only is it harder to fix accessibility issues after the fact, it is more time consuming and expensive. That’s why it’s better to detect problems and fix them before they sneak in and infect code right across your development.

Tenon is designed to be part of your development toolkit, and combined with training and professional accessibility audits from Dig Inclusion, Tenon is a powerful tool to help you to detect potential accessibility issues early in the development process and because it’s designed to greatly reduce “false alarm” results and maximise test process efficiency.

Exceptional integration

Tenon can be used as cloud software or hosted on site, and that’s just one reason why developers love it. Built with Agile software development and continuous integration in mind, Tenon’s well-documented API means it is flexible enough to be integrated with any development environment. It can also integrate with your own bug tracking tool and keep you informed of anything that’s slipped through the net.

How does Tenon work?

Tenon provides a platform that helps developers to automatically test their code as it’s being written. This not only provides an early test of code, but more crucially informs and teaches your development team how to produce high quality, accessible code that can be validated and re-used to ensure a consistent experience for all your customers.

Tenon compliments manual accessibility testing to minimise the impact of easily avoidable accessibility defects. For many, building accessible products has felt like guesswork, and finding defects was a time-consuming and inaccurate chore. With Tenon, far fewer defects reach the testing stage, reducing both development and testing overhead.

Perfect partnership

Dig Inclusion is committed to helping organisations integrate accessibility with all digital processes. An automated tool won’t catch every accessibility issue and leaving manual testing too long can result in untimely and ultimately costly development mistakes. With a combination of Tenon’s automated testing at the point of development, staff training and manual testing, we can provide a robust and efficient accessibility testing methodology for you.


“Tenon’s API is well-documented and easily integrated with our workflow.”

Leigh Harrison, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government

“Calling the API and getting results is straightforward. We used it […], along with a mashup of another API, to create our own website testing application.”

John Rochford, Program Director and Faculty Member, UMass Medical School.

“Tenon is a tool I lean on every day and I love it! It makes me a better developer.”

Joe Watkins, Emerge Interactive