How to turn off the blue light from an Android device

On our recent blog post we talked about how turning off the blue light from your device could help your eyes and give you a better night’s sleep. Andriod has a built in function to turn off the blue light from your device, although the names and look may differ from device to device, based on the manufacturer’s preferences.

Other articles in this series include:

How to activate the blue light cancelling feature

Step 1: Open the settings menu

Step 2: Select display

Android settings menu with display highlighted

Step 3: Select the appropriate blue light cancelling feature

This step is where things can change, depending on your device. As manufacturers can change some features on Android, they may have called the blue light cancelling feature by a specific name. You may see names include Night Light, Blue Light Filter, Blue Shade and Night Mode. Whatever this feature is called, the functions are almost identical and the description should make it easily identifiable.

Android display settings menu with Blue Shade feature highlighted

Step 4: Activate the blue cancelling feature

Android blue shade menu screen with colour and schedule settings highlighted

You may also be to adjust the colour of the feature, from orange through to a more red hue, again based on the settings of the device.

Step 5: Adjust the settings to your personal preference

Android blue settings schedule menu with adjustable times highlighted

You can adjust the settings to your personal preference, whether to activate it from sunset to sunrise, on select days or for specific times. If you find the screen on your Android device quite harsh, you could set the blue screen cancelling feature to be active from the majority of the time.