New year, new website!

Screenshot of the new website home pageWe excitedly watched our new brand and website come together in 2014, designed and built by the very nice folks over at fffunction. We loved the new brand so much that we felt we had to give you a sneak preview of the pixels, so we rolled out the new logo, which we have been using for a few months now.

Since then, we’ve been working away on content for the site, and now the whole site is ready to show the world, and we’re thrilled with it! We hope you like it, too.

The new site has been designed to be highly inclusive. As is the case with new sites, however, you may experience a problem or two as we oil the squeaks and creaks! If you have any problems using the site, or if you have any comments or questions, get in touch – we would be pleased to hear from you.