Solution driven consultancy

Many accessibility auditing services will test your websites and apps to guidelines you’ve probably never heard of and provide you with a report telling you what is wrong from a user perspective. And that’s great for gathering a list of issues to fix, but what happens next? How will you work out what needs doing to fix the issues, and how much time will that take?

First, understand the problem

You need to know how to use the assistive technology and understand how it works, but more importantly you need to understand how people with disabilities use assistive technology. It also helps to be able to replicate any issues that your user testers report so that you can verify the fixes you put in place.

We actively encourage our customers to conduct basic testing themselves and teach teams to do this with our training courses on accessibility testing for websites and testing mobile apps. We’ve shared our WCAG testing spreadsheet to help kickstart your accessibility testing strategy.

We’re open about the assistive software and testing tools we use, many of which are free. Take a look at NVDA screen reader and NaturalReader, or testing tools such as WebAIM’s WAVE toolbar, TPG’s colour contrast analyser and Jonathan Snook’s contrast checker.

Building your team’s understanding of the software and how people with disabilities access the Internet ensured that they are well equipped with the right foundation knowledge to inform designers and developers when designing and building your website or mobile app.

Getting practical about accessibility

At Dig Inclusion, we believe in getting practical about accessibility. Do your accessibility issues get put into an issue tracker to be relegated to low priority or forgotten about altogether? By focussing on solutions rather than simply documenting accessibility issues, we help lead you down the road of championing accessibility, instead of encouraging testing too late and piling onto your todo list.

Our accessibility testing stands out from other testing services available in the UK because we have the technical experience and expertise to recommend practical solutions to the accessibility issues we identify in our testing. When it comes to mobile app accessibility, our resident mobile accesssibility expert, Jon Gibbins, is one of a handful of people in the world who has the specialist knowledge needed to recommend practical solutions for making your mobile apps more accessible.

And if you’re unsure, our accessibility help desk service is designed to support you, whether your making accessibility repairs or building something new.

Making accessibility achievable and affordable

At Dig Inclusion, we want to work in partnership with you to develop an accessibility strategy that builds your knowledge and makes accessibility achievable and affordable in the long term. Working on projects together, we strive to help you understand the issues your customers face and learn the best practices needed to make informed decisions when designing and building products. We help you develop a roadmap and nurture a culture of inclusion that, in time, will mean you’ll need us less and less, allowing us to help more people and work towards a more inclusive Internet.

Become an accessibility champion

If you want to make 2017 the year you reach all of your customers, talk to us and let’s turn your business into an accessibility champion in your sector.