Your customer experience with digital accessibility

A complaint or feedback is an opportunity to improve your business. Which is why it is surprising how difficult it is for many people to make complaints to organisations, especially if you have a disability.

At Dig Inclusion, in partnership with Visualise training, we’d like to understand what it is that stops disabled customers from complaining to companies about their inaccessible websites.
In our experience working with businesses to make their websites accessible the motivating factor is rarely a complaint, the majority of the time it is because someone in the team has prior experience of accessibility, or because a staff member is disabled, or knows someone with a disability and wants to make an improvement. From our experience, very few projects come to us due to a customer complaint the recent survey from The Click Away Pound they found 71% of customers have ‘clicked away’ from a website taking with them £11.75 billion.
I’d like to understand why a group with such a significant spending power is walking away and why businesses don’t seem to take this seriously.

  • Do businesses not know there is a problem?
  • Do people with disabilities not feedback when they encounter a problem?
  • Do businesses ignore the problem?

I hope we can understand what the barriers are to encourage organisations to start making more content accessible and celebrate those who are already doing the right thing, so to take part please follow the link: Your customer experience with digital accessibility

We intend to release our findings on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which this year falls on Thursday 18th May, if you would like to be contacted with the results please provide your email address via our contact form until then you can keep up to date with the work we are doing via our blog and Facebook page