We're a passionate group who help ensure everyone has access to digital media.

Who we are

Dig inclusion is a small group of consultants who work with companies who have a strong focus on inclusion. Our clients want to do their best to make their products work for everyone. No barriers, no exclusion.

Dig Inclusion have been in this space watching the digital landscape changing rapidly. Due to the incredible pace of technical innovation and development, and guidance on making inclusive digital products, there are few excuses to exclude people.

What we do

Technological advances bring us to the present where barriers in the digital space exist only because we let them.
At Dig Inclusion our focus is on removing these barriers.

What we deliver:
· Consultancy
· Web accessibility standards testing
· Workshops
· Training
· Document remediation

How we do it

Through workshops, training, consultancy and audits to help understand, adapt and deliver inclusive experiences.

With the purple pound (the spending power of people with disabilities) being worth £212 Billion, our customers understand that reaching people with a variety of needs isn’t just about legal requirements or being the right thing to do. It also makes good business sense.

Our team

We've built our team to provide a complete digital accessibility service. Whatever your project, our expert consultants can support you in their area of expertise, leaving you to focus on completing your project.

Meet our team

It was great having her here! It’s been an amazing experience for both Kata and I and we’ll definitely try and get Ksenia more often in the future. The lunch and learn has been a success and we’ve got a lot of people starting conversations about improving our apps even more.

Elena Garrone, Digital Developer, Digital Operations, Legal & General

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