Digital accessibility services

We offer services in accessibility testing, research and strategy, and accessible development and content creation. We work with websites, mobile apps, PDF documents and ebooks.

Accessibility help desk

We understand that creating an accessible website, app or document isn’t easy, and requires specialist knowledge. We’re here to help you when you need it, at a level appropriate for your management or development team.

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Web accessibility

A website that's fully accessible to your customers makes business sense. It has many benefits beyond increasing your reach to disabled people. Our consultancy services provide pragmatic solutions to ensure your website can be used by everyone who visits.

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Mobile accessibility

As our world becomes more mobile, it's important to have an accessible mobile presence. Innovative mobile technology is making smartphones and tablets the best way for people with disabilities to get online. We can test your mobile sites and apps, and provide solutions.

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Video accessibility

Video is growing in popularity as a medium for businesses advertising online, but few are accessible. We can help you ensure your videos are accessible.

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Ebook accessibility

Tablet devices such as the iPad and Kindle have revolutionised how many people read books and other publications. Accessible ebooks allow all your readers instant access to a book, in a way that suits them, regardless of print disability.

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PDF accessibility

PDFs can be just as accessible as web pages, but many organisations still publish large numbers of inaccessible PDFs. We have access to unparalleled expertise in auditing and fixing PDFs for accessibility.

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