Ebook accessibility

Tablet devices such as the iPad and Kindle have revolutionised how many people read books and other publications. Accessible ebooks allow all your readers instant access to a book, in a way that suits them, regardless of print disability.

Ebook fixing

Fixing ebooks to make them fully accessible can be relatively straightforward. However, in the case of more complex documents, quite a high level of expertise may be required.

How we can help

We can deliver fully accessible ebooks which are tested against the ebook accessibility guidelines and across a range of devices and assistive technologies.

Ebook audits

Ebooks, just like any digital media, need to be accessible. However, there is no magic automated checker that will verify the accessibility of your ebooks.

How we can help

If you are unsure whether your ebooks are suitable for people with disabilities or not, we can provide an audit report of any problems they may contain and offer advice on any required corrections. Our ebook fixing service can also correct these for you, of course.

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