Visual impairment awareness

In partnership with
Visualise Training & Consultancy

How will a disability awareness course help?

We understand that people, your staff, do not want to discriminate against a disabled person, but often by not knowing what to do or not having the confidence to help someone they avoid helping. The disabled person doesn’t get the support they may need to become your customer and engaged with your business.

By giving your staff the training they need, they can have the confidence to approach and help any customer without fear of doing the wrong thing.

If you have a specific learning need that isn’t covered by our visual impairment awareness course, do get in touch using the form below and we can discuss options to meet your objectives.

What do you get?

A typical course will cover:

  • Different types of visual impairment
  • The social and medical model of disability
  • Stereotyping
  • Effective communication
  • Appropriate language
  • Barriers and solutions

We teach through:

  • Group discussions, which are encouraged to be honest in order to gather the best understanding of current knowledge
  • Personal experience examples from our trainer, who is visually impaired
  • Questionnaires to check learning throughout the day
  • Reviewing case studies