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We were contacted by Premier League after they saw our video for Global Accessibility Awareness Day in 2015. Since then we have worked with them and their partners on creating a new website for the new season and sponsor branding.

A key focus for Premier League is to help and support the clubs within the League, so we held a half-day training day speaking with their equality officers as an introduction to accessibility. From there we worked to produce some guidelines specifically for the clubs.

We then worked with Premier League and their developers to review wireframes, specific interfaces and code elements for their new website and mobile app. Finally, we performed a final audit of the completed sections of the website.

Being involved from the beginning allowed us to catch accessibility issues early within the development process and avoid potentially costly changes and delays later on in the project.

How we helped…

We loved the Global Accessibility Awareness Day video and promptly contacted Dig Inclusion to see how they could help us. They've been great to work with and we're making a range of improvements to our digital offerings to fans and clubs as a result.

Cathy Long, Head of Supporter Services, Premier League

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